January 9, 2009


On the Cricut MB is decided to bring back the Personal Challenge thread. It is a monthly thread where a MB member can post things they would like to accomplish for that month. Basically they are challenging themselves to get their projects done. The participants post their projects when they are completed and we all give each other a lot of encouragement. I am truly enjoying being a part of this thread.

My challenges for January are to:

*Organize my scrap space

*Design DD2's Valentines for school and scouts

*Make 10 cards

*Complete 10 LO's

I have completed the scrap space organization (at least I think it is pretty organized...DH would say something different) and have done 2 of the 10 LO's I wanted to complete; which means I am that much closer to finishing our Disney album!!

I also have an idea for DD's Valentines that I think will work well.

I am so excited about completing my challenges. I love the motivation doing this brings me.

What would you challenge yourself with?

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