October 28, 2008

Embossing with Xyron...who knew?

I had cut an acron from Mickey and Friends. I was going to use it on a lay out but changed my mind. I didn't want ot waste it so I decided to go ahead and assemble it to use later. I keep a small accordion folder for this. I ran the top part through the Xyron but realized after that I had put itin upside-down. UGH!!! I have seen some beautiful things that some ladies on the Cricut MB have made by running their project through the Xyron on both sides and then sprinkling glitter on the front. I didn't have any glitter though (it's going on my list). I have some gold embossing powder and thought "what the heck I'll give it a try". I ran it through the Xyron again and put the acorn together the right way. Then I sprinkled the embossing powder on the top sticky part and used my heat gun. I was shocked when it worked! It even made a neat texture in the powder.
Not bad for a goof, right?

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